The theory I explore is in media, communication, and technology. I am interested in how humans communicate ideas and information, the tools we use to do so, and what the ideas and information communicated say about us. This can be anything from a movie or a book to how we navigate websites or regard paintings. These discussions are found on my blog 3/21. As much as I am able to, I give my posts some academic backing by referencing published materials. While my blog is a hobby, it is one I treat as seriously as possible, while at the same time keeping it light with personal stories. Check out some posts, leave a comment:

Media studies is one half of the 3/21 blog; the other half is research on what I call visual essays. Visual essays are an emerging genre in film, video, and interactive storytelling. They are beautifully crafted, creative nonfiction works that engage and educate. You may have seen one recently! Perhaps it was a wordless video about the beauty of mathematics or maybe a fun short film about how we read comics. These types of works are being seen more and more. On 3/21, I explain why that is and why it is important. I also showcase visual essays that I have created and curate examples from around the internet. I would be thrilled if you would take a look at the research.