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Visit the Interactive section to see elearning modules I created for a large healthcare system in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Working with subject matter experts and an instructional designer, I was tasked with building modules that fit their content requirements, satisfied government regulation mandates, and engaged a staff comprised of over 10,000 providers, nurses, and various other healthcare staff. Each module contains different types of materials, from videos and animations, to quizzes and interactive elements. All are carefully built using web-based tools and languages, and content is written with the utmost care.

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Visit the Film section to see short films, videos, and experimental pieces I have worked on, either as a team or solo. The pieces contain a mix of live-action, 3D animation, 2D animation, and video. I have been working in film and video for over 10 years, having started out learning how to edit 16mm film on a Steenbeck. My skills have been honed through many projects and I can bring those skills to any project requiring moving images.

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Visit the Theory section to learn more about my research in a genre I call visual essays. On my blog, 3/21, I write about an emerging trend I am noticing in films, videos, and interactive storytelling. I call them visual essays and they are creative nonfiction works that engage and educate. The blog is where I define, create, showcase, and curate all things visual essay related. In addition, I discuss, with an academic bent, the culture and philosophy surrounding media and technology.

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Visit the Computer Graphics section to see my work in computer animation and special effects. Recently, I earned a Master’s degree in 3D computer graphics. I have experience in all aspects of the pipeline, including layout, modeling, animation, lighting, surfacing, effects, compositing, and rendering. My specialties tend towards the telling of the story and I excel in layout, editing, and pre-visualization. Coupled with my Bachelor’s degree in traditional filmmaking, I can offer world-class, well-rounded filmmaking services.

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Visit the Art & Design section to see samples of photography, graphic design, and printmaking. My interests as an artist occasionally take me to other disciplines and it is a lot of fun. I love learning and experimenting with other mediums. Here are some of the better outcomes.