3/21 is a media studies blog. I discuss culture and philosophy, as informed by media and technology, with an academic bent. The blog also houses a project I have dubbed visual essays. Visual essays are an emerging genre of storytelling told through film, video, gaming, or interactives. They are beautifully crafted, creative nonfiction works that engage and educate. On the blog, I define the genre, I create and showcase examples, and I curate work found around the web. Come take a look and leave a comment! I look forward to some heady discussions.


Night Swims is a daily photo blog I ran with several friends. Our goal was to take a photo and post as often as possible but no more than once daily. The point was to practice seeing the world around us every day; to train our eye as it sees through the lens; to discipline ourselves as artists; to work as a supportive team even though we lived in different parts of the country; to keep creating; and to just have fun. While it is now retired, please visit to see some samples of my photography.