General Demo Reel

Reel Breakdown

1. “RhizComics” – Master’s thesis film
– Rigid body effect in Houdini
– Compositing in Shake

2. “Golden Fish” – short film
– Layout & animation in Maya
– Compositing in Shake

3. “Golden Fish” – short film
– Layout in Maya
– Compositing in Shake

4. “Map of South Carolina” – video art
– Animation in Flash
– Image in Photoshop

5. “Zero Energy House” – video art
– Animation in After Effects
– Images in Photoshop

6. “RhizComics” – Master’s thesis film
– Image in Photoshop
– Animation in Final Cut Pro

7. “King’s Treasure” – image
– Rendering & shading in Maya

8. Ray Tracer
– Written in C

9. Photography

Download the reel breakdown here. (pdf)

Layout Demo Reel

Reel Breakdown

“Demo Reel: A Love Story” Solo Project
1. This sequence uses common tropes found in specific film genres to tell a story. It is an exercise in storytelling through the camera. The sequence begins with romance, then adventure. Suspense, horror, and noir will be completed next.
“Golden Fish” Team Project
Lead Layout, Lead Story, Lead Animator, Editor
2. Layout, character animation, editing
3. Layout, camera animation, editing
4. Layout, camera animation, character animation, editing
5. Layout, editing
6. Layout, camera animation, character animation, editing
7. Layout, editing
8. Photography
Photos 1 – 4 from photoblog “Night Swims
Photos 5 – 7 from “Mother & Daughter” series
Download the reel breakdown here. (pdf)

Golden Fish (team project)

2010, 3D Animation, Color, Sound, RT 3:45
Read about my experiences working as the Lead Layout artist on this film here.

Rendering & Shading


King’s Treasure
Surfacing, shading, and rendering in Autodesk Maya


Kitchen Scene
Surfacing, shading, and some rendering in Autodesk Maya; some rendering written in Pixar’s Renderman

Ray Tracer


Ray tracer written in C